Discover Malagos Garden Resort at Davao City Philippines

Malagos is a village located in the eastern part of Davao City, Philippines. It is a popular destination for nature and animal lovers, as well as foodies looking to sample some of the country’s best chocolate and cheese. Here are some of the things you can do in Malagos Garden Resort:

1. Malagos Garden Resort – This eco-tourism resort offers activities such as bird watching, butterfly and orchid farm tours, and chocolate-making classes.

2. Malagos Chocolate – Made from locally grown cacao beans, Malagos Chocolate is regarded as one of the best in the world.

3. Malagos Cheese – Made from carabao’s milk, Malagos Cheese is another regional specialty worth trying.

4. Malagos Watershed – This protected area is a haven for wildlife and serves as Davao City’s primary source of drinking water.

5. Museo De Mariposa showcase different types of butterfly

6. Malagos garden resort’s “powerplay” park playground is an interactive educational playground.

7. Kublai Art Garden – This art museum and garden features the works of Kublai Millan, a well-known Davao City artist.

8. View deck cafe is one of Malagos garden resort’s venues dining options

9. Malagos Garden Resort pool that will provide you with relaxation and peace

10. Malagos Homegrown Produce – This market sells local farmers’ and producers’ fresh produce and products.

11. Malagos Agri-tourism – This agri-tourism site offers tours of their organic farm, where you can see and interact with the animals.




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